Eight up: Super Aryan!

My son was turning 8 and he is a MARIO MANIAC. What kid doesn’t love Mario Brothers? I’m sure there are kids out there that don’t, but they’re certainly not one of mine and he asked for a Mario birthday party, I thought its going to be easy … as easy as the Spiderman theme last year but to my surprise there was absolutely NOTHING out there as far as party supplies go, so I had to put my creative gloves on and make everything. I thought I must write a post about how I planned. If you’re planning a Mario birthday party, this might be of help to you.
He celebrated his birthday twice… yes that’s correct. He celebrated it twice. Once at home on his Birthday, it was falling on a weekday and then later we threw a party at Chuck-e-cheese. I’m going to share with you my tricks for fun and easy parties at home.

Eight up: Super Aryan!

I will start with the Banner. I made these out of the Foam Sheets in Super Mario Fonts and Colors. Instead of Super Mario 3 It said Super Aryan (my son’s name ) 8. Confused ?

See how beautiful it looked…..


Then the Balloons. The White BOO Ghosts balloons were hung with Cello tapes with only two sides. I Switched the fan on and the balloons kept wiggling a little all the time. Confused again ?? Did not make the video but see the picture will give an idea of what I am talking about. I could have done much more with the balloons but I was running short of time.


The coins were left hanging and were made of the yellow disposable plates. The cheap and best option I would say. I used ribbon to hang the plates.


There were many games related to the theme. One of those was a Mario Moustache Cup stacking game. Kids enjoyed a lot ! Then there was a small Mario cutout hung on the wall and Kids had to use bow and arrow to aim for the shot. I had the mustachos on the sticks for picture taking.




The Pinata….ahhhh…I made two. Yes two pinatas. The first one was pretty simple. It was the yellow Question mark box. I used an empty carton and covered with crepe paper roll.

The second one was’nt that simple and took more time because of its shape. Yes, that one was a mushroom. I will post the DIY soon.




There were gifts for the winners of the game. That I could get from partycity. Phew, atleast there was something that came easy. Those were Mario theme candies.


The party favor bags were loved by children. I love to throw my son’s birthday party — maybe because it’s a chance to be a kid again. But sometimes party planning for kids can go too far, and you end up being stressed out for an hour and a half of kiddie fun. LOL !!!




It was a lot of work, but it was a raging success, he loved it and still talks about it today, so definitely worth it!!


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