Calling All Minions…..

After throwing a successful Mario Party in 2014 my son was up for a new theme “Minion” for his next party. His friends had enjoyed his party at home so much that they told him time and again that they were looking forward to his birthday party. So in Yr 2015 ( errr….. the post is just about two years late πŸ˜‰ ) my son was turning 9 and he decided of the theme “Minion”.

I thought its going to be easy as I had seen many Minion party supplies but he said he does not want any despicable me stuff and his theme should be Blue and Yellow only…. So I was on my own again…. however, minion in itself was fairly easy to make.

I started with an invitation… self designed had most of the information on there….it was an evite.


Then was the cake, I looked at many places with the preset minion templates and did not fancy any of those. I finally got a big plain yellow cake and got some baking supplies like edible colors and spray paint. The eyes were made of the cookies covered with cream and chocolate.



The cup cakes were a super hit. I got yellow cup cakes and added small oeros and marshmallows for eyes. I did choose to make different expressions and most of the children took a minute or two to decide which one would they want. So yes, the kids were excited πŸ™‚


I also tried the minion Cookie pops.I will post the recipe separately.


Everything from top to bottom screamed MINIONS >>>>>> I looked for Juice bottles cylindrical in Shape with Orange and mango flavor to keep the base color yellow. Finally got two of them from Walmart, don’t they have those anymore but something very similar to the one below.



Had those bottles covered with blue self adhesive craft paper. I also got Big and small Google eyes from Dollar Store and saved some $$$ there. You can also buy it from amazon or Michaels.

The Yellow paper cups were also customized. I used electrical tape and google eyes…. quite constructive I must say πŸ™‚


The blue silverware was wrapped in Yellow paper napkins and finished with black crepe paper and google eyes. The black crepe paper rolls are easily available at Walmart, Party City, Dollar Store etc.



The water bottles had customized labels on them.


The party favor bags was easy to make. I used a wider electrical tape and google eyes. I also used yellow paper plates as minion to jazz up the decor.


And the Pinata, the best part of any kids party. This was self made too.


I had yellow paper lanterns decorated too. The venue was big and had many walls that needed decor.




I had a many games……and kids had a gala time… and so did I.



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